My Wife Wants a Divorce

Yes, it quite depressing. For so many years you have been together and yet all of those time will be laid to waste. See we started great as couples. We are loving to each other and can’t wait to see each other after work.

When we first met, I have seen stars, I mean she was so damn beautiful when I met her. I was pretty sure that she was the one I want to spend my whole with. She was my answered prayer. I courted her and was very happy when she accepted the love that I offered to her.

I immediately arrange our wedding. I was the happiest person in the whole universe. Imagine I will marry the girl of my dreams. To tell you honestly, I am not the most good-looking bachelor in our place and yet this woman decided to marry me.

After marriage, we build our dream house, a concrete one. My wife was living with her parents before on not so concrete house located in Tulsa . So, I made sure that I will build a house that is beautiful and sturdy.

After a year of marriage, we got blessed by a son. Wow! What a blessing. We are now a family. I strived more to provide not only for my wife but for the bundle of joy we have right now.

As years passed, we grow distant from each other. We are both working so we just see each other at night. I don’t know what came into me. I just want to play online games. My mood changes from too much gaming. I was irritable and very grumpy. I was so addicted to it that I lost time talking to her and my son. The game took too much time of time and my life that I hurt my family.

Time went by and suddenly, my wife called it quits. She wants a divorce and she want custody of our child. I was so broken and asked for a second chance, but my wife will not give me one.

Now I live by my own in a very lonely house. I regret all the things I made. If only I could turn back the clock I would. I am still hoping deep inside that she will comeback to my arms again.

I tried to tell her that perhaps marriage counseling will help us with our problem. I told her that there is one nearby also in San Diego. I hope she will grant my request for the sake of our daughter.